Boat Storage

Boat trailer storage

Marina Hamnsundets boat trailer storage is an environmentally friendly and comfortable solution for your boat storage. When you want your boat launched, you just give us a call or an email, and your boat will be ready at the dock when you arrive in Hamnsundet. When you are ready to leave, you just return to the dock and we will take care of the rest. 

We can also fill up your tank and provide food and other supplies for a day trip. Every costumer has access to an own parking space.

Indoor boat storage

We offer different possibilities for boat storage and management of your boat all with full service in Hamnsundet, Aland Islands. At Marina Hamnsundet we offer winter storage at our new indoor boat storage facilities or outdoor storage at our park. 

Technical- and motor service is done in collaboration with Ronnys Mek or by request at an certified shop on the Aland islands. Our service always includes launching and retrieving your boat for you, washing and materials.


Indoor storage 

The rent for indoor unheated storage is
45 euro/m2 per season including taxes. This includes launching and retrieving the boat with trailer, washing and materials. For boats that are on trailers when not in use, an additional washing during the summer season. 

Outdoor storage 

The rent for outdoor storage is
20 euro/m2 per season, including taxes. For owners that have their bots on own trailers, is launching, retrieving and washing of the boat included in the price. 

The little Extra-storage 

Following things are included if you choose your “Extra” package 

  • If you wish, we will retrieve your boat from your home dock. It doesn’t matter if it is in the archipelago of Aland Islands, Stockholm or Southern Finland. 
  • We will then make sure it is safely stored at our facilities 
  • Exterior cleaning 
  • Storage
  • Engine maintenance 
  • Water tank check 
  • Battery check 
  • Interior cleaning 
  • Polish and waxing 
  • Hull inspections 
  • Launching including returning your boat to your dock 

The winter season for storage is between 15th of august to 31st of may.

Wooden boats 

If you have a smaller wooden boat, we can offer maintenance and repairs in Karl Fellmans legendary old boat bulider´s yard.

The fairway from the dock to our indoor storage (youtube) 

The Storm that made it possible (youtube) 

We have the solution for you.

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