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Marina Hamnsundet

Welcome to Marina Hamnsundet and Saltviks archipelago. Hamnsundet is a perfect starting point for experiences of the northern sides of the archipelago, outer archipelago and the Bothnian sea. With both Boxö and Länsmansgrunds unique nature reserves right around the corner. Hamnsundet is a calm and peaceful paradise in a “simple living” style. You are living in a cabin among traditional red painted houses, boathouses and wooden boats. You can go fishing or visit the little café at the gust harbour.

Marina Hamnsundet also offers the possibility for boat storage. In the summertime we offer a boat trailer storage and in the winter your boat will be stored in our indoor boat storage. This also includes a full service of your boat in Hamnsundet, Aland Islands On the smaller wooden boats, we can offer you minor maintenance work and repair jobs. These jobs will be done in the legendary boatbuilder Karl Fellmans old boat builder´s yard.

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Marina Hamnsundet has accommodations for families, groups or the adventurer.


No matter if you like fishing, hiking or just enjoying the archipelago, there is something for everyone.


Let us take care of your boat. It will be ready the next time you arrive!

Facts about Hamnsundet and the Aland Islands

Hamnsundsvägen 904,
22430 Saltvik
Åland, Finland
+358 40 7231 184