About us

About us

Back to the future, in a simple living style. 

Marina Hamnsundets passion is the nature, traditions and the life in the archipelago. Our dream is to create a place for recreation and experiences in a genuine archipelago environment, that will give you a sense of the traditional lifestyle. 

Marina Hamnsundet is run by Ulf Fellman with support of the family. We offer accommodation, activities, boat storage with service as a part of the maritime environment.

Our vision is to offer calm and peaceful environment in a “simple living” style.

Hamnsundet is a maritime junction to the archipelago of Saltvik, the outer archipelago of the northern parts of the Aland Islands and the Norrhavet.

We at Marina Hamnsundet are working in an idyllic archipelago environment with our cabins, boathouses and our boat storage service. As our closest neighbour we have Hamnsundets guest harbour and outdoor café.

Hamnsundsvägen 904,
22430 Saltvik
Åland, Finland

+358 40 7231 184