At Marina Hamnsundet there are activities for everyone. Here are a few examples.

Our self-guided kayak excursions

Our popular 2-day self-guided kayak excursion with dinner and accommodation

Guided cultural walk to the Boxö ruins and the cave “Rövarbergsgrottan”

The tour starts in Hamnsundet and the boat trip takes place with our commoners’ boats built in Hamnsundet during the latter part of the 20th century. During the boat trip you will experience the rich birdlife in the Boxö archipelago and the cozy archipelago environment in the Boxö Nature Reserve

The guided tour begins when we moor the boat at the jetty on Boxö, also called the “Russian bridge”. Our walk follows the old embankment up to the battery site. The fortifications were built by the Russian Imperial Army in 1916-1917 during the First World War.

On the island there was a railway that stretched between the harbor and the battery site and along the road the foundations of 9 barracks buildings remain. Next to them is information and illustrations with pictures from 1918–1919.

From the battery, the hike goes to Rövarberget with a fantastic view of the Norra Åland archipelago. A picnic with locally produced products is served at the lookout point on Rövarberget. then the hike continues to Åland’s largest cave “Rövarbergsgrottan”

After this we return back towards the harbor via the large stone field that was formed during the Ice Age and through the unique and barren nature of the reserve down towards the harbour. Before departure back to Hamnsundet there is an opportunity to cool off in the sea or enjoy a cooling drink.

Bookings are made via e-mail or phone: +358-(0)407231184

Bike ride and Archipelago

We load the bikes on board in our wooden boat in Hamnsundet. The journey then goes through Saltvik’s inner archipelago west towards Karviken in Toböle. During the tour, you will experience the nature of the Åland archipelago with a little refreshing splash of salt on Flatöfjärden on a warm summer day.

Once at Karviksbryggan, we take the bikes ashore and you continue your experience on your own through the idyllic Toböle and Nääs.

In Kvarnbo you can visit Vinsmedjan’s café, where pastry chef Laura bakes everything from bread to fantastic pastries.

A guided birdwatching excursion. 

Self-guided excursions

Take a hike on your own on the nature trail to enjoy the view from Storviksberget 


Sun & bath at remote cliffs 


Do you miss anything on this list? Call us and we will do our very best to make it happen.

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