Marina Hamnsundet’s cottages Erikalund and Kalles can be booked at AIRBNB Erikalund Kalles Bastukleven Glasbergsboden


Erikalund is the oldest of Marina Hamnsundets houses. It was built in the 1870s by Johan Fellman who was a pilot of conducting ships for safe passage and his wife Erika. Erikalund has been renovated several times during the years but the genuine archipelago-feel is preserved. The house has 2 bedrooms for 4 people with a tiled stove that will give you a pleasant and cosy feeling, a toilet and a kitchen. 

Right next to Erikalund, only a few meters a part, we have the “little cabin” with a purling brook called “rännilen” going right under the house. This cabin has 1 bedroom for 2 people with a genuine tiled stove and kitchen. 


Kalles is a house built in the 70s and is the biggest one in Hamnsundet. The house is placed on top of hill, that will give you a fantastic view overlooking Hamnsundet and the archipelago of Saltvik. This house is newly renovated with an open floorplan between the kitchen and living room. It has two bedrooms for 4 people, bathroom with shower, utility room, a sauna and a recreation room with an additional 2 beds.


“Österören” is a small island in the Boxö archipelago which is surrounded by Boxö nature reserve. The cabin is placed on the highest point of the island called Glasberget.

This cabin is a traditional archipelago-cabin with a double bed for 2 people and a little kitchenette.


Bastukleven is a small cabin at the edge of the forest in the Hammsundet archipelago idyll 150 meters from the seafront in “simple living” style.

Hamnsundsvägen 904,
22430 Saltvik
Åland, Finland
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